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Marketing research and consultingin the healthcare sector

Here at Health Research & Consulting in Zurich, we are your professional partners for marketing research and consulting. For over 20 years now, we have offered support and advice to pharmaceutical companies, hospitals, associations, healthcare centres and many others in the fields of marketing research and marketing consulting, and have helped to strengthen the relationships between service providers and consumers.

Nicole Beck-TaubenestNicole Beck-Taubenest Economist, Master of Health Administration
Dr. Thomas BeckDr. Thomas Beck Doctor of Veterinary medicine and psychologist

Our focal points:

  • Marketing research
  • Marketing consulting
  • PR in healthcare

Health research & consulting in Zurichmarketing in the healthcare sector

We believe that good health has its roots in harmony – a harmony in which a person is attuned to both themselves and their environment, feels connected to nature and the flow of the elements, and feels secure and comfortable in themselves. As individuals, we are all responsible for our own health, but we also can – and should – have access to what’s on offer from the different sectors in the healthcare system.

At Health Research & Consulting in Zurich, we see both conventional and alternative medicine as playing a legitimate and important part in this, and support all sectors of the healthcare system through marketing research and consulting.

Expert meetings, advisory boards and workshops often function as both information gathering tools and an efficient means of distributing information to specific target groups in the healthcare sector.

That’s why they form a focal point of our activity. If you’re involved in healthcare and would like to know more about our marketing research and consulting service here in Zurich, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

We’re looking forward to hearing from you.

+41 44 776 28 76
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