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Market research

HR&C takes responsibility for Marketing and communication research projects in health care.

Qualitative primary research

  • Personal interviews with doctors, patients, experts, medical personnel etc.
  • Focus groups and round tables
  • We both carry out completely separate interviews and analyses in a project, then we have a critical discussion and merge the individually results in the team (Triangulation)
  • We carry out both traditional, qualitative market research projects with a previously defined sample and firm guidelines and flexible projects with definition of further respondents based on initial interviews and based on constantly developing guidelines (Grounded Theory)
  • For each project we specify a single contact for you who also presents the results of the project to you.
  • In all projects we not only act as project managers but also carry out more than half of the interviews in the field ourselves. Experienced freelancers help us with the remaining interviews.
  • We are noticing more and more that our years of experience, our specialist knowledge and our personal skills contribute to attaining a very great interview depth and a great deal of knowledge and we thus achieve a high level of goodwill for our client with the people interviewed.

Quantitative primary research

  • telephone, Internet-based and written surveys
  • structured and semi-structured
  • if necessary, including higher statistical analyses, such as conjoint analyses, factor analyses etc.
  • We have a great deal of experience in developing questionnaires, not only in the health care field but generally in social psychological and marketing-orientated matters.
  • We are able to applicate higher statistic procedures so that, when necessary, we can offer an in-depth analysis that goes beyond pure cross tables. In the health care field especially the Medical Conjoint procedure has proved to be a practicable, useful tool.
  • We carry out smaller fields with up to 50 interviews ourselves. For larger ones we call in the field organisations of our partners, such as Demoscope AG, Bonifatius GmbH etc.

Patient diary studies

  • Structured quantitative surveys collecting anonymised patient data in doctors' practices and hospitals
  • We have successfully carried out patient diary studies for various clients both in hospitals and in doctors' practices. For these studies doctors record details on previous history, diagnosis and treatment anonymously for individual patients.
  • For this we complete any tasks involved, beginning with developing the questionnaire, recruiting doctors who are prepared to take part in the studies and agreeing their fees up to analysing and preparing the data.


In most cases we find little variance of opinions in medical market research (often 2-3 main axes) and this legitimizes with certain topics small qualitative samples for quick checks:

Research Design
  • 10 personal qualitative interviews, 6 in german speaking Switzerland, and 4 in french speaking Switzerland. Interview-duration 20 to 30 minutes.
  • Incentive for the respondents CHF 100.
  • Short report 15 - 20 pages (Power Point) with key-findings.
  • Presentation at client‘s offices.
Possible topics
  • Qualitative Feeling-Check e.g. for strategical orientation or problem analysis.
  • Evaluation of communication tools (e.g. brochures).
Time frame
  • 3 – 4 weeks until presentation.
  • CHF 12'500
+41 44 776 28 76
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