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What does health mean to us?

According to the World Health Organisation, a person's health is "a condition of complete physical, mental and social wellbeing and not only a lack of illness or disability."

For us, health has its roots in harmony, in which a person lives with himself and his environment, in communicating with nature and the flow of the elements and finally also in whether he feels secure in his being.

Each of us, as individuals, is responsible for our health, and for this we can and should be able to have access to the offers of the different parties involved in health care.

With this we see a justification and an important role both for orthodox medicine and also for alternative medicine approaches.

We offer all involved in health care – the research based pharmaceutical industry, hospitals, associations, health centres etc. – support to optimise the relationships between service providers and service consumers.

We are not ideologically biased. Anybody who is involved in people's health can use our services.

What does research mean to us?

We embrace empirical research in our thinking and actions. However, our area of work is not pharmaceutical research in the narrowest sense, but empirical social research and applied marketing research.

Our approach to the qualitative and quantitative primary research that we carry out is based on performing neutral, open, critical and solution-orientated challenging research. In the process we are both the purveyors of good and also sometimes bad news.

What does consulting mean to us?

Our consultancy service is based, wherever possible, on our analysis of already known research results. If there are any ambiguities with this we carry out qualitative and quantitative primary research to find relevant, practicable recommendations for the client.

We have realised from our work that it is expert meetings, advisory boards and workshops that are usually both tools for collecting information and also for distributing information to specific health care target groups in the best possible way. Therefore, these form a focal point of our activities.

What is the particular quality of our work?

  • We each work on our own but as a very close team.
  • We constantly exchange information about our projects between each other and thus important synergies are created.
  • We cultivate interdisciplinary thinking.
  • We work on all projects with a wide knowledge background and based on great curiosity for people and what is happening in the world.
  • We understand your problems and your language.
  • We integrate our years of experience into our thinking, our analyses and our actions.
  • Thanks to our professional and social skills we are positive ambassadors for our clients.
  • Because of our personality, we find high acceptance as consultants, moderators and interviewers.
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